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Famostar is a specialist in emergency lighting, primarily focused on the Dutch market.  Founded and grown as a family-owned company, Famostar was put up for sale in 2017.  The Famostar company culture and product focus proved a good fit with Thorpe and i4hi.  As of 2018, Thorpe and i4hi acquired Famostar and facilitated the transition of Famostar from its family-owned roots to being part of a group of specialist lighting companies, with focus on further growth and leveraging group synergies such as R&D, cross-selling and purchasing.  Being part of a larger group, also provided personal growth opportunities for talented Famostar staff.  The ability to leverage (expensive) group product development programs (i.e., smart lighting), helped Famostar to position itself as the leading emergency lighting manufacturer in the Netherlands. In 2021, i4hi sold its entire stake in Famostar to FW Thorpe group.


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