Bart Jan Keijzer


Bart Jan Keijzer studied Business Economics (HEAO) and spent several years working with Staal Bankiers merchant bank. In 1991, he joined Koninklijke Begemann Groep N.V., where he worked for eleven years as controller and finance director for a number of portfolio companies. Bart Jan led the financial turnaround and divestment of VCST (automotive), Tulip Computers, HiTec Power Protection, and Holec machinery. Since 2002, he has worked as an active, hands-on investor for Onrecruit, APOC, and Release. In 2006, Bart Jan co-founded i4hi, where he was actively involved in the acquisition of EKF, Ecoforte, Yparex, and Lightronics. He also led the divestment of EKF to Jardin Netherlands, which is a part of the Keter Group. Bart Jan focuses on transaction structuring and management, and financial strategic projects at i4hi’s portfolio companies.

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